What do I do With My Minnie Ears?!

If you’ve been to Disney World or Disneyland, and you’re anything like me, chances are you picked up some Minnie Ears. Minnie ears are great for traveling the Disney parks in style, but once you get home you might wonder what to do with them; other than to wear your ears around the house all the time!

I have a small (but growing) collection of seven Minnie Ears that I wear when I go to the parks. Recently, I decided to use my ears as decoration inside of my house.

Because they are so cute and sparkly, Minnie ears make a great addition to any room!

I hung my ears up using small nails that I rested each of the ears on. My plan is to add more as I buy them, and create a whole wall of Minnie Ears.

In order to spruce up your display, I have also seen people use boxes to frame their ears! You could put a hollow box around your ears to “frame” them, or place your ears in a shadow box. I have even seen specialized display frames for Minnie Ears on Etsy.

Rest assured, there are so many ways that you might decide to display your Minnie Ears. The one thing I love about Disney is that imagination and creativity is always encouraged.

Comment below with how you display your ears!