What It’s Like Doing a Disney Engagement Shoot

In January of 2019, my fiancé and I worked with Jamie DiOrio for our Disney engagement photoshoot. Before starting the shoot I was incredibly nervous. I was not sure how we would interact with our photographer and I was anxious about having a camera follow me around a crowded theme park.

A few days before meeting her, Jamie had Andrew and I pick our favorite places in and around the parks to take our pictures. Andrew and I settled on Epcot (by far our favorite park), the Magic Kingdom (cause how can you not), and the Grand Floridian (because of its southern charm).

When we met Jamie in Epcot, my fears immediately melted away. Jamie put us at ease with her effortless conversation, and her questions about our relationship and our jobs. Our first stop was to England, where Andrew and I took our picture in the tea garden.

It was easy to cuddle up next to Andrew for pictures, and Jamie made it so us feel natural even as we posed for pictures.

After stopping in the garden, we continued making our way through Epcot, stopping at our favorite Epcot locations to take pictures.

When our Epcot time was up, Andrew and I ran to get changed for our photos on the monorail, in Magic Kingdom, and at the Grand Floridian. We loved stopping to take pictures in all the most meaningful places in the parks, and Jamie gave us the space to identify those special spaces and make lasting memories.

By the end of our time with Jamie we had laughed and joked our way through a three hour photo session. We had pictures taken on a monorail, as well as a boat, in two Disney parks and the grounds of a beautiful hotel.

So was it worth it? Definitely! Not only did we end up with some beautiful pictures, but Andrew and I had the time of our lives exploring the parks and taking pictures together. Even if it’s not in Disney world, I would suggest that every couple take some time to do a photoshoot together — and if it is in Disney World in my opinion that’s even better!

Just my favorite picture from our Disney shoot!