Whole30 – The First 3 Days

I have been doing Whole30 for three days. I am feeling healthy and proud of myself for having three full days of “wholesome” eating (haha). For breakfasts, Andrew and I have been making frittatas. On the first morning we made a kale, and bacon (I know not the healthiest- but I only ate a sliver) frittata. And on morning two we had leftover sausage, potato, tomato, and onion in our frittata.

For dinners we have been going all out. With the nice weather, we can stay outside and grill up great meals.

On day one, I began by feeling confident about Whole30, and it felt a lot easier than I thought it would. On the first night Andrew and I made a Chimichurri, fried a few plantains, and grilled steak and a piece of corn for me for dinner.

The wine was for Andrew. No wine for me:(

The Chimichurri really complimented the simply spiced steak that Andrew made (he seasoned it with salt and pepper). This is one of the best meals that Andrew and I have ever made together and we will definitely be making it again in the next 30 days.

On day two, I was still feeling pretty strong. I did not have any headaches and I was not feeling tired yet. For dinner, we decided to make our own version of a surf and turf with scallops and chicken thighs. Andrew grilled both the chicken and the scallops. He also grilled corn, and a plantain for sides. This was an amazing meal! The chicken was seasoned with lots of paprika that got crispy on the grill. And the dollop of chimichurri on the scallop, complimented it perfectly! Andrew did good!

One thing I began to notice on Day 2 is that I get hungry shortly after eating dinner. I think this is because my meals have been relatively low carb compared to what I usually eat. I am hoping that as the weeks go on, that starts to subside.

I’ve also decided to add in some light exercise. One goal of mine for the first week was to go on at least a 2 mile walk 3 times this week. I started on Monday (day 2) by going for a 2 mile walk. On day 3, I also started to do a 30 day toned arm challenge with a friend. So lets hope that by the end of this I have sleek arms and feel great from Whole30!

On day 3, I woke up with a headache. From the get go, Day 3 was significantly harder than the days before it. I felt tired, anxious, and headachy. I also began to feel cravings. I started craving Doritos, and chocolate.

Food wise, Andrew and I hit the nail on the head again with dinner. For dinner we ate cajun spiced catfish, linguisa, roasted portabello mushroom, and roasted red pepper. The catfish was just the right amount of spicy and it paired beautifully with the sweetness from the red pepper.

What has really saved me this past three days has been my grill. The grill has allowed us to think outside the box when it comes to meals, which was exactly what I was hoping that Whole30 would push us to do.

I definitely feel the impact of the detoxing from sugar, but I am hoping that will subside by the end of the week.

We are trying a lot of great foods this week! Comment below if you want any recipes or if you have any suggestions about meals for next week, I would really like to try some new things!



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What do I do With My Minnie Ears?!

If you’ve been to Disney World or Disneyland, and you’re anything like me, chances are you picked up some Minnie Ears. Minnie ears are great for traveling the Disney parks in style, but once you get home you might wonder what to do with them; other than to wear your ears around the house all the time!

I have a small (but growing) collection of seven Minnie Ears that I wear when I go to the parks. Recently, I decided to use my ears as decoration inside of my house.

Because they are so cute and sparkly, Minnie ears make a great addition to any room!

I hung my ears up using small nails that I rested each of the ears on. My plan is to add more as I buy them, and create a whole wall of Minnie Ears.

In order to spruce up your display, I have also seen people use boxes to frame their ears! You could put a hollow box around your ears to “frame” them, or place your ears in a shadow box. I have even seen specialized display frames for Minnie Ears on Etsy.

Rest assured, there are so many ways that you might decide to display your Minnie Ears. The one thing I love about Disney is that imagination and creativity is always encouraged.

Comment below with how you display your ears!

Starting my Whole30 Journey – Grocery Shopping

Tomorrow, I am beginning my Whole30 journey and I couldn’t be more excited to start. If you don’t know what it is, Whole30 is an elimination diet. By eliminating processed foods, you are eliminating the stuff that causes inflammation and bloating. After 30 days of eliminating all processed foods from your diet, you have 10 days to begin slowly introducing those foods back into your daily meals. By introducing foods slowly, you can identify those foods that may cause reactions and bloating.

While Whole30 is not a weight loss program, it’s an elimination diet, with exercise, people who have tried Whole30 in the past have lost weight. I am doing Whole30 for a few reasons. For one, I want to get a handle on some of the bad food habits I have developed over the years (mainly eating pasta like it’s going out of style). I also want to practice cooking new foods — it is so easy to fall into the same cooking rut, now is my time to branch out. Lastly, I do want to lose weight, or at least some of my bloat. With my wedding in a few months, I want to look and feel my absolute best!

So what can and can’t you eat on Whole30?

So basically all my favorite foods are out, no pasta, no bread, no cheese, no sugar. Meats are okay, as are eggs, fruits, veggies, natural fats, and coconut aminos (think coconut milk or coconut oil). This will definitely require me to think outside of the box when I plan my meals for the week. I will also have to be careful when it comes to hidden sugars or wheats.

The other big Whole30 no-no, is to weigh or measure yourself during the 30 days. Because of this, I am going to measure myself today, as well as take a before picture. After 30 days, I will measure myself again and take another picture to measure my progress.


Every week I go on a big grocery shop for that week’s meals. Doing a big weekly shop allows me to better control what I am eating, as well as save money by budgeting my weekly food bill. This week I had to be extra careful to read the nutrition labels on the food I was buying; I even stopped to research some of the ingredients online to make sure they fell within the Whole30 regime.

Every meal has a complementary non-Whole30 meal for my fiancé

Already, I noticed that my shopping cart featured more healthy items. In addition, I bought items I never would have before, like almond based yogurt. Andrew and I did really well with shopping this week, creating five Whole30 dinners with breakfasts and lunches for under $100.

This week I will be blogging about some of the meals I make, as well as how I feel. Reading other people’s experiences, I expect to crave sugar and to be a little sluggish this first week. Let’s see how it goes! T-minus 6 hours until I start my Whole30 journey.

What It’s Like Doing a Disney Engagement Shoot

In January of 2019, my fiancé and I worked with Jamie DiOrio for our Disney engagement photoshoot. Before starting the shoot I was incredibly nervous. I was not sure how we would interact with our photographer and I was anxious about having a camera follow me around a crowded theme park.

A few days before meeting her, Jamie had Andrew and I pick our favorite places in and around the parks to take our pictures. Andrew and I settled on Epcot (by far our favorite park), the Magic Kingdom (cause how can you not), and the Grand Floridian (because of its southern charm).

When we met Jamie in Epcot, my fears immediately melted away. Jamie put us at ease with her effortless conversation, and her questions about our relationship and our jobs. Our first stop was to England, where Andrew and I took our picture in the tea garden.

It was easy to cuddle up next to Andrew for pictures, and Jamie made it so us feel natural even as we posed for pictures.

After stopping in the garden, we continued making our way through Epcot, stopping at our favorite Epcot locations to take pictures.

When our Epcot time was up, Andrew and I ran to get changed for our photos on the monorail, in Magic Kingdom, and at the Grand Floridian. We loved stopping to take pictures in all the most meaningful places in the parks, and Jamie gave us the space to identify those special spaces and make lasting memories.

By the end of our time with Jamie we had laughed and joked our way through a three hour photo session. We had pictures taken on a monorail, as well as a boat, in two Disney parks and the grounds of a beautiful hotel.

So was it worth it? Definitely! Not only did we end up with some beautiful pictures, but Andrew and I had the time of our lives exploring the parks and taking pictures together. Even if it’s not in Disney world, I would suggest that every couple take some time to do a photoshoot together — and if it is in Disney World in my opinion that’s even better!

Just my favorite picture from our Disney shoot!

Desperate Times

The saying goes that desperate times call for desperate measures and these are certainly desperate times. With the world gone to hell in a hand basket, I feel an overwhelming urge to grasp onto anything that I can control. Does that make any sense? I don’t know. But it feels like so many things have been out of my control and mostly I have been combating that through the use of my most comforting foods…brownies, Mac and Cheese, tacos… you know the like. But desperate times call for desperate measures and I have a wedding to get to in four and a half months, or so my doctor so kindly reminded me the phone the other day (thanks for that).

So what do you do when your doctor keeps reminding you that you won’t fit into your wedding dress because you’ve eaten your way through a global pandemic? You Whole30. That’s right world. I am going where I never thought I would. I am going to start Whole30 next week. I am actually so excited for it. I have even recruited a friend who is on her own health journey, to help motivate me as I prepare to give up all the yummy things my grocery store has to offer.

But in all seriousness, my darling fiancé is a whiz in the kitchen and I have high hopes that he will make my Whole30 journey as scrumptious as humanly possible.

So to anyone out there that might be interested in what Whole30 is like please feel free to join me on my journey. And if you have already been on a Whole30 journey of your own, please comment below with tips, tricks, and the great recipes that got you through it. I know we can do this together!!

Signing off,