Desperate Times

The saying goes that desperate times call for desperate measures and these are certainly desperate times. With the world gone to hell in a hand basket, I feel an overwhelming urge to grasp onto anything that I can control. Does that make any sense? I don’t know. But it feels like so many things have been out of my control and mostly I have been combating that through the use of my most comforting foods…brownies, Mac and Cheese, tacos… you know the like. But desperate times call for desperate measures and I have a wedding to get to in four and a half months, or so my doctor so kindly reminded me the phone the other day (thanks for that).

So what do you do when your doctor keeps reminding you that you won’t fit into your wedding dress because you’ve eaten your way through a global pandemic? You Whole30. That’s right world. I am going where I never thought I would. I am going to start Whole30 next week. I am actually so excited for it. I have even recruited a friend who is on her own health journey, to help motivate me as I prepare to give up all the yummy things my grocery store has to offer.

But in all seriousness, my darling fiancé is a whiz in the kitchen and I have high hopes that he will make my Whole30 journey as scrumptious as humanly possible.

So to anyone out there that might be interested in what Whole30 is like please feel free to join me on my journey. And if you have already been on a Whole30 journey of your own, please comment below with tips, tricks, and the great recipes that got you through it. I know we can do this together!!

Signing off,


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